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Did you know that Norwegians celebrate the end of the week with Taco Friday or tacofredag? This alone is a pretty fantastic reason to choose this little gem of a country for your WEP student exchange, but there are plenty more!

  1. Norway doesn’t have a language requirement
  2. Exchanges to Norway departing in January and August include a two-night orientation in Copenhagen or Oslo (numbers permitting)
  3. Gorgeous views, snowy mountains, fjords.
Applications are closing soon for August 2020 programs to Norway. Start your application now by clicking here.

Peek into the world of a WEP exchange student in Norway, Alyssa.


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We have to admit, these guys (Norway, Denmark and Finland) are some of our favourite destinations!

And with snow-covered mountains, ski fields, the Northern Lights and some of the happiest people in the world, why wouldn't you choose one of these countries for your WEP student exchange?!

Fast FAQ

  • None of these countries have a language requirement! So, you don't need to speak Danish, Norwegian, or Finnish to apply.
  • All of these amazing destinations offer a group arrival orientation, either in Copenhagen, Oslo or Helsinki.
  • Each of these cultures is unique. Did you know that eating tacos on Friday is super common in Norway?
  • On a January exchange to any of these countries you're pretty much guaranteed to see snow.


  1. Start your application ASAP at WEP.ORG.AU/APPLY-NOW
  2. Pay your $100 deposit
  3. A full application must be submitted by September 17, 2019.