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Study overseas in more than 15 countries with World Education Program (WEP) Australia. WEP programs offer you a transformational learning experience hand-in-hand with unsurpassed quality of support and attention to every student and family.

Opportunities to live and study abroad are available to all Australian secondary students who enjoy a challenge and are willing to completely immerse themselves into day-to-day life in another country. These outstanding educational programs offer students and families the experience of a lifetime and promote understanding and peace between people from different cultures.

Discover and learn about the world, make international friends, and understand more about yourself and what you can do. Dare to live a dream and you will find that student exchange opens the doors to more benefits and rewards than you thought possible.

Who are we ?

World Education Program Australia Ltd (WEP Australia) is an independent, incorporated, not-for-profit Australian student exchange organisation registered/approved by the education departments/regulatory authorities in The Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. Formed in 2001 in cooperation with WEP International, (which now has offices in Brussels, Turin, Milan, Lyon, Paris, Rosario, Rome and Oderzo), WEP Australia has enabled thousands of students to open a door to a rewarding and successful future through education abroad.

World Education Program (WEP) Australia actively maintains child safe environments for all program participants and adheres to commonwealth and state regulations governing the safety of children. Our organisational culture nurtures a commitment to child safety through a comprehensive code of conduct, screening, supervision, training and effective leadership, activities for educating and empowering children, and processes for identifying, responding to and reporting suspected child abuse.

First-hand knowledge of student exchange and study abroad is a vital ingredient for successful programs. WEP Australia staff have lived and worked overseas, hosted international students, participated in a student exchange or study abroad program or been the parent of an exchange student. This ensures that professional, knowledgeable advice and guidance is available to participants at all times. WEP Australia has strong relationships with reputable international partner organisations all over the world and aims to provide the perfect combination of high-quality program choice and personalised service.

Muriel Scheid, CEO of WEP Australia, is passionate about cultural exchange and has held managerial positions within the international education industry for over 20 years. As a result, WEP Australia sets the benchmark for secondary student exchange organisations in Australia.

WEP student exchange & study abroad 

Whether it is for a short term, semester or year program, a WEP student exchange or study abroad program will enhance your life and provide a window on the wonders and opportunities in the world.

Support is provided to each student throughout the entirety of their programs. Right from the start, when we first receive your enquiry, all the way to program completion, WEP Australia will answer your questions, maintain contact with you while you are overseas, and, when necessary, facilitate communication between you, your coordinator, your host family, your host school and our international partner organisation. This ensures you will have the best possible overseas experience.

In all countries, WEP host families are interviewed and screened to ensure they will provide safe and caring home environments for our exchange students. Your host family will select you, will be welcoming and probably impatient for your arrival, and will be interested in learning about you and your life in Australia. Before you depart from Australia, you will also be advised about the host school that has accepted you. If you choose a non-English speaking country, you will have the opportunity to learn a new language and speak it daily. While this may seem daunting, it is worth the effort because the long-term, life-long benefits are considerable.


Why WEP?

WEP Australia is passionate about student exchange and determined to make a difference by helping young people of different cultures gain insight and understanding about other ways of life and worldviews. We work to ensure every single participant in our programs (families, students and coordinators) finishes their program feeling that the experience was worthwhile.

Our goals are ambitious and we never compromise on student welfare.

Students accepted by WEP Australia generally act as producers, rather than consumers, of their own education. Our programs ready students for a lifetime of successful learning in a diverse and rapidly changing society.

Here are just some of the reasons why WEP is known all over the world as a quality organisation.

World Education Program (WEP) Australia is:

  • An Australian organisation with more than 29 years of experience in education, administration, and management of student exchange programs
  • Registered with all relevant State Education Departments and pertinent regulatory authorities
  • Proud to have an exceptional reputation with the Education Departments
  • Incorporated as a not for profit student exchange organisation
  • An executive and founding member of the Council of Australian Student Exchange Organisations Executive (CASEO)
  • An Australian organisation that evaluates and independently selects international partner organisations (instead of being simply a branch office)
  • An Australian organisation that makes decisions in Australia and publishes program information directly relevant to Australian students
  • An Australian organisation that understands Australian education and Australian students
  • A member of all relevant, professional organisations and associations
  • Available to meet with students and parents in our office at any time
  • An Australian organisation that actively promotes the ethos and ideals of student exchange throughout the community
  • Determined to treat all students as individuals with their own unique personalities, motivations and goals
  • Constantly updating, revising and researching programs suitable for Australian students
  • An organisation that promotes both outbound and inbound student exchanges but does not expect families of outbound students to host in return
  • A fully responsible organisation that ensures students and parents have access to staff and the WEP CEO at all times, with comprehensive, proven procedures in place for emergencies

World Education Program (WEP) Australia offers:

  • Broadly experienced individuals at all levels, including directorship, executive, and management, with comprehensive knowledge of all facets of student exchange
  • Individual staff members who have relevant, rich experience as exchange students, host families, coordinators, and parents of exchange students
  • An outstanding level of support 24/7 in Australia and overseas: in Australia a staff member with full authority to make all necessary decisions personally answers the emergency phone
  • Guaranteed country of choice
  • Programs to more than 15 destinations
  • Choice of program duration: short-term, semester, academic year
  • Variable and flexible starting dates for some programs
  • An online application form
  • Competitive program fees with no hidden costs
  • An included, comprehensive insurance policy that is specifically relevant for student exchange programs and does not include any deductible or excess payments for medical claims
  • Travel to and from the host family with departure flights from Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane
  • School enrolment for all exchange students
  • Check-in assistance at the departure airport
  • Extra program components (included and optional) for some destinations, e.g arrival programs and activities and trips during the year
  • Programs for outbound students that include realistic language requirements
  • Optional intensive language study courses in a selection of host countries
  • Regular feedback about each student while they are overseas
  • Support to returned students
  • Flight bookings with quality airlines
  • Access to travel assistance 24/7
  • Opportunities for students to remain involved after they return to Australia so they can share their knowledge and experience with others

World Education Program (WEP) Australia's application, selection and preparation process includes:

  • A comprehensive and detailed application form that supports approval of a suitable host family
  • Student’s academic record to assist the host school to make decisions about year level placement and a medical history so that appropriate intervention and assistance can be provided if and when necessary
  • Clearly defined program rules, including a list of consequences for rule infractions
  • Information evenings and open days
  • Referrals from past participants and their parents, when requested
  • Interviews conducted locally, usually in the student’s home
  • Provision of visa information, checklists, support and documentation
  • A comprehensive pre-departure orientation for students and parents
  • Newsletters and handbooks for students and natural parents, as well as online language support and  a lending library of books that address cultural differences

World Education Program (WEP) Australia develops and maintains partnerships with international exchange organizations that:

  • Share our vision and respect our requirements and decisions
  • Ensure 24/7 support is available for students
  • Are considered reputable, professional and experienced in the world of student exchange
  • Have a proven record in delivering excellent programs for Australian students
  • Earn our trust and confidence each and every day
  • Have English-speaking office staff
  • Set high standards for all aspects of programming: logistics, host families, schools, reports, student support and any available activities
  • Have transparent methods, which satisfy Australian standards, for screening and confirming host families
  • Are approved, by either government departments or a quality assurance procedure in the host country, to operate student exchange programs
  • Ensure that all students are met at their final destinations.
  • Provide comprehensive arrival orientation programs (large group, small group or one-on-one)



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