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Who Can Go?

After having thought carefully about why you want to be an exchange student, convinced your parents of the idea, spoken to your teachers and completed our application form, you should be assured that your chances of being accepted are high! Provided you meet the academic and personality requirements and are physically fit and mentally sound there is usually little reason for us to prevent you from following your ambition and becoming an exchange student.


Generally, students must be between the ages of 15 and 18 when they begin their program. However, some countries have different age restrictions and accept students over the age of 18 or under the age of 15. Mature 14-year-olds may apply for limited destinations (contact WEP for further information). Year 12 students may apply for a year 13 (gap year) program and go overseas for either a short-term, semester or year program. It is important that students apply while still at secondary school.


You must be enrolled at a school in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria to apply for a WEP student exchange program. In order to be accepted into the program, you need at least a C grade average at school. If applying for an English speaking country you are required to maintain these grades whilst overseas. However, in non-English speaking countries you are simply expected to display a concerted, conscientious approach to your schoolwork while you master the language. Irrespective of language skills, students are expected to participate in all assessments (exams, tests, etc).


Language experience is desirable, but not necessary, for most countries. However, at least two years prior language study is mandatory for France, China and German-speaking Switzerland and one year prior language study is required for Austria and Germany.  Intensive language courses may, in some circumstances, meet language pre-requisites. WEP strongly recommends language preparation prior to departure as language knowledge is of enormous benefit in assisting you to quickly adapt to your new family, school and life.

Of course, there are English-speaking destinations (Canada, Ireland, UK and USA) available if you are not interested in learning another language.


Positive personal characteristics are important! Students therefore need to be socially mature, flexible, resilient, resourceful, adventurous in spirit, realistic, accepting of cultural differences, tolerant, persons of integrity and ready to face a challenge.


High school student exchange is a challenging program and it is essential for the student to be physically fit and mentally sound in order to successfully complete their program.