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What is WEP Student Exchange?

A WEP student exchange is the opportunity for students to exchange their school, culture, family and possibly language for a selected time period in another country. It is far more rewarding than simply being a tourist, as students live like locals and acquire knowledge not available to the general traveller. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and study at an overseas school with the support of a volunteer host family.

At A Glance:

  • Live with a local volunteer host family
  • Attend school as a local teenager of your chosen country
  • Experience your host country’s cultures and customs first-hand
  • Learn a language (for non-English speaking countries)
  • You do not have to host a student in return however, WEP Australia is always looking for welcoming volunteer host families

You’ll notice that WEP’s programs to Canada, Ireland and the UK are referred to as study abroad programs. The difference between WEP student exchange and WEP study abroad programs is that host families participating in the latter are paid a stipend to cover the basic living expenses of their host student. Program rules and expectations remain the same.

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Student exchange with WEP Australia can open your eyes to the opportunities and wonders of the world. Support is provided to students throughout the entirety of their programs. Right from the start, when we first receive an enquiry, all the way to program completion, WEP answers questions from students and parents, maintains contact with students while they are overseas, and facilitates communication between our international partner organisations, coordinators, host families, host schools and exchange students. This ensures you will have the best possible student exchange experience.

All over the world, WEP host families are interviewed and screened to ensure they will provide safe and caring home environments for our exchange students. Your host family will select you, will be welcoming and probably impatient for your arrival, and will be interested in learning about you and your life in Australia. Before you depart from Australia, you will also be advised about the host school that has accepted you. Students and teachers in host country schools are always interested in hearing about life from our unique part of the world. If you choose a non-English speaking country you will have the fantastic opportunity to learn a new language and speak it everyday. While this can be a daunting prospect initially, the long term benefits of being able to speak another language will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Discover the world beyond the classroom!

The chance to travel and study overseas with the support of a host family (your second family), school and community is only available to students in years 9-13 and there is no other time that young people can gain such an experience living overseas!

WEP will place you with a loving volunteer family for the duration of your program. If you would like to host an international student, it can certainly be arranged, but there is no obligation for our outbound students and families to host.

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