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Student Exchange Support Network

As student welfare is of paramount importance, World Education Program (WEP) Australia actively maintains child safe environments for all program participants and adheres to commonwealth and state regulations governing the safety of children. Our organisational culture nurtures a commitment to child safety through a comprehensive code of conduct, screening, supervision, training and effective leadership, activities for educating and empowering children, and processes for identifying, responding to and reporting suspected child abuse.

At WEP we ensure that exchange students are supported by a network of responsible, caring people who welcome students to the host country and assist them should the need arise. When you are overseas, you will have the support of your host family, a local coordinator, the staff at our partner organisation and, of course, the staff at WEP in Australia.

Your Host Family

In the first instance, your host family will support you in your day-to-day life overseas as your own family would do here in Australia. They will provide a welcoming and friendly face when you first arrive, share the highs and lows with you, open your eyes to family life in a new country and provide a caring, warm and supportive environment in which to live.

Your Local Coordinator

Your local coordinator is an extra support person whose role is to assist you in settling in to your family and school and in making the most of your exchange program. They are impartial representatives who you can approach with issues you do not feel comfortable raising with your host family. Coordinators generally have a great deal of experience with exchange students and understand the challenges you may experience, so they are excellent sounding boards when you need someone to talk to.

Your Overseas Organisation

WEP Australia only works with reputable and proven partner organisations. The organisation overseas will provide you with an arrival orientation to improve your understanding of the culture, life and expectations of families, schools and the general public in your chosen country. You will receive 24-hour support whilst overseas – there is always someone to call who speaks excellent English.
Not only will you have regular contact information for your host family, coordinator and overseas partner organisation but also the emergency contact details for your host organisation and for WEP Australia.

WEP Australia

Likewise, in Australia, WEP provides full support to your parents and is available to discuss all program-related matters prior to, during and after your program. WEP Australia staff respond to all emergency situations 24/7.

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