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9 Steps To Going On Exchange

1. Research your Options

Where would you like to go and when would you like to goClick Here if you’d like some advice from WEP.

2. Collect more Information

Come to an Information Session!

3. Start your WEP Application

Register and start you WEP application.

4. Program Acceptance

Your completed and assessed application is sent to the international host organisation. WEP sends you notification of acceptance and the overseas organisation commences the search for your host family and school.

5. Preparation Begins

From now on we will be in touch with you on a regular basis and offer tips, advice and information about all program components. At the same time, you learn as much as possible about your host country and language.

6. Preparation Continues

You and your parents attend a pre-departure orientation session in Australia.

7. Exciting News!

Information is received about your host family, school and community. If necessary, documentation and assistance to obtain your visa is provided.

8. Take-Off

You fly out of Australia to begin your adventure!

9. 24-hour Support

You and your family receive around the clock emergency support from WEP for the duration of your program.


*  Only students enrolled in school in Tasmania, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland or Victoria are eligible to apply.
** Full information regarding Fees, Cancellations and Refunds is available here and with the online application.

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