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Traditional Secondary Student Exchange Program

School Without School Choice

If you don’t mind where you will be living in Australia and think that the host family is the core of your program, no matter where they live, then the exchange program could be for you.

Due to government regulations that monitor high school exchange in Australia, the places for this program are severely limited and students must apply well ahead of their anticipated arrival date.

As you will be regarded as a local student, you will need to have a very good English level as ESL will not be offered to you; rather you will be expected to assimilate into the Australian classes like your Australian peers.

Placements will be in Victoria, New South Wales or Queensland and a large percentage of students are placed in regional or rural areas. What better way to get to know the real Australia than to live with a generous volunteer host family and attend the local school?   Year level and subject choice cannot be guaranteed but the vast majority of students do get to study exactly what they want.