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International Full Fee Program

Exchange with School Choice

We can well understand that many students wish to choose the location of their school and homestay family, and if this is you, then this program is a wonderful option. Schools are available all over Australia. Imagine living in tropical Queensland, cosmopolitan Melbourne, Australia’s Capital City Canberra, visually beautiful Sydney, welcoming Adelaide, boom city Perth and one of the last world wildernesses surrounding stimulating cities in Tasmania.

WEP gives you the opportunity to be part of the ‘Aussie ‘ dream by offering you a program where you choose your state, city and school you will attend. Study for a term (3 months), semester (5 months), three terms (9 months), year (11-12 years) or even multiple years. These educational programs are also ideal for those students wanting to attend for more than a year, study at an IB school or graduate and gain tertiary enrolment in Australia.  These programs are sometimes called Study Abroad Programs.

Complete the form below and we will introduce you to one of our partner organisations within your region.

Specialist Schools

Australia is one of the few countries that offers students the chance to learn, experience and practice in their area of passion – whether it be sport, the arts, maths and science, outdoor education, etc. favourite sport, arts. Imagine learning or honing your surfing skills, playing hockey at a high level, trying out for Australian Rules football or taking part in a soccer, tennis, golf or volleyball excellence program. These are just a few of the sports available to experts and beginners alike, and many taught as part of the school curriculum. Maybe you prefer to concentrate on dance, or studio arts or drama – available in a multitude of schools. Or get involved in a hospitality class and learn to cook, or outdoor education and learn some very valuable life skills as you venture out into the Australian bush with the school. And for the scientifically minded we have schools that specialise in maths, science, space studies, marine biology, and even agriculture.

Homestay Accommodation

Whilst on your program in Australia, you will stay with a Homestay family. This gives you an opportunity to live the true life of an Australian family. The student pays all tuition and other fees for the chosen school and daytoday personal spending, together with homestay costs.

More Information

Assistance and Support

You will be allocated a school-based coordinator to supervise your academic and social program. This person is available 24 hours a day and will monitor your relationship with your homestay family, schoolmates and staff. WEP Australia is also available 24 hours to students and parents via our office and a staff member’s mobile phone after hours.

No matter which program you apply for, many components are constant. Welcoming and relaxed families; a new and stimulating school system; the possibility to try subjects that you cannot study at home; access to the amazing Australian lifestyle, flora and fauna; new landscapes, cultural activities and sports; tours to tropical Queensland or Central Australia in the school holidays; support from a local volunteer or school coordinator and from all the staff in the WEP head office. And 24 hours support for students and your parents via a phone answered by a staff member.


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