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Klaudia – Exchange to Germany!

Hey, my name is Klaudia and I am on the semester program in Aachen, Germany!

Before arriving in Germany I had imagined what my life would be like on exchange and let me tell you it is great!

My first challenge was my journey to Germany, I had to travel by myself for 24+ making my way to Dubai and from their to Germany, meaning over 23 hours in planes, when I arrived I already felt more independent. I had a 4 day seminar in Frankfurt were I met so many amazing new friends and got a introduction to German life.

Meeting my host family was super exciting, I have 3 host sisters who made me feel welcome from the get go. I am so lucky to have my host family by me who guide me through my journey, our bond is already so strong and its only been around a month.

My first day of school was challenging, luckily I am already mostly fluent in the language so speaking came naturally but learning the different social dynamics was a change. The school work is hard and it does take time to really understand the work in class but the teachers always understand and are their to help when you need. The kids at my school are so nice as well as the teachers who always try their best to support me.

Something that has definitely made a huge positive impact for me is joining a sports club, I joined a soccer team here and I love it, I have already gone to some events with my soccer team such as a huge town charity running race where we volunteered together giving out waters and drinks to the runners, its such a great way to make friends out side of school and grow your support network.

I have already done so any amazing things in my town, such as go to festivals, I went on a trip with my host family to the Netherlands, I live on the boarder so we hiked through Belgium and Netherlands which was stunning! I have been going out with friends more and more, in Germany we also ride our bikes every where which I find very practical, or even just walking through my town alone or with friends have all made me feel more at home here.

My exchange journey so far has been amazing, there has been many ups but it is also important to acknowledge the downs, such as homesickness which I have experienced as well, my tips for dealing with homesickness is to number one know that it is completely normal and okay, exchange isn’t always going to be rainbows, but try to not let it stop you from participating in things, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so make the most out of it!

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