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How To Become A Host Family

WEP’s unpaid volunteer host families come from all walks of life. You may have children or not, you may have children older or younger than the exchange student, you may be a young couple or an older couple, or you may be single. You may live in a house, in an apartment, in a town or in the countryside.

In selecting a family, WEP Australia gives priority to the following characteristics:

  1. A real and profound desire to be part of the hosting experience.
  2. An openness and flexibility of approach and attitude.
  3. An ability to be both firm in discipline, yet warm and caring.
  4. A desire to learn more about other peoples and cultures.

As a host family we expect the following of you:

  1. Ensure the student respects the program rules of WEP Australia.
  2. Maintain your same way of life.
  3. Treat the student the same way you would your own child, as possessing the same rights and responsibilities and adhering to the same standards of behaviour and expectations.
  4. Share the good times with your student as well as the less agreeable times.
  5. To become your student’s second family, their friend and their confidant.
  6. Maintain patience with your student, particularly in the beginning as you and the student adjust to a new lifestyle.

Your student will expect much of the same from you as they learn to adapt to their new surroundings and become a fully-fledged member of your family.

Next Steps

  1. Fill out the enquiry form below or call 1300 884 733 to request a free information pack.
  2. Return the application form along with detailed descriptions of your family, quality photos depicting your daily life and student preference.
  3. A WEP local area coordinator visits your family home to meet the family for a relaxed interview. This coordinator is also a volunteer and will be available to provide ongoing support throughout your student’s stay. Your three referees are also contacted at this stage. We also request Working With Children Checks.
  4. Acceptance into the hosting program is confirmed and WEP arranges local area school enrolment for your student.
  5. Your student arrives to begin their experience and build a lasting relationship with you and your family.