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Study In The USA! Let some of that famous US enthusiasm rub off on you…

We’ve all seen our fair share of American life from watching TV and movies, but believe it or not, the ‘real’ America is a very different place from ‘The OC’ and ‘The Hills’. It is a place of great diversity, where you will meet locals who are patriotic, welcoming and enthusiastic. Australians have often enjoyed a warm reception from Americans while they participate in a student exchange program to study in the USA!

The school experience in the US is unique – students are encouraged to engage with their school community, which is a very social and fun atmosphere! Join one of the numerous clubs – debating, fashion, languages, stand up comedy, theatre, cheer-leading! School sports days are exciting events – schools battle it out in basketball, ice-hockey, American Football and more. The supporters have just as important a role as the players! And of course, one of the most anticipated events for American teenagers – the Prom.

Just because they speak English in the USA, doesn’t mean that there won’t be a language barrier! Your accent alone will be enough to provide a topic for conversation.  Just don’t forget that ‘thongs’ are a completely different type of clothing in the USA!

Just imagine, soon you could find yourself hopping onto a yellow school bus for the trip to school, sharing stories with classmates over lunch in the school cafeteria, or learning all about democracy and the American ‘Bill of Rights’ in class.

So, are you interested in taking a leap and starting an adventure to study in the USA? If so, keep on reading below to find out more information about how to turn this dream into a reality!

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Cost Application Deadline
August 2017 Semester $10,550 14 March 2017
August 2017 Academic Year $11,550 14 March 2017
January 2018 Year $11,250 26 September 2017
January 2018 Semester $9,750 26 September 2017

The above costs apply to departures up to and including May 2018.

Included Extras

Three-day mini-tour of New York on August programs

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I am having an amazing time in the USA! School is so good, I catch the big yellow bus and have five classes a day and each of those go for an hour...

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So far I'm having the greatest time in America, it's so much better than I ever thought it would be, everything is still quite surreal. Oregon is...


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