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The Netherlands

Study Abroad In The Netherlands!

Are you looking for a unique experience? You might know that the Netherlands is famous for its tulips, cheese and windmills, but there is a lot more to see and experience! An exchange to study abroad in the Netherlands offers WEP exchange students the unique opportunity to experience one of the more fascinating countries in Europe. Explore a country below sea level and see towns and cities surrounded by windmills, castle walls and canals.


Upon arrival in the Netherlands WEP students spend the first week of their program with other exchange students in an orientation week. You will be introduced to the Dutch tradition of cycling and the use of a bicycle is included in all programs! As there is no language requirement for the program this week will concentrate on the Dutch language as well as their culture.

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Short Term $ 9,950 TBA
August 2022 Semester $ 11,550 TBA
August 2022 Year $ 13,250 TBA
November 2022 Short Term $ 9,950 TBA
January 2023 Short Term $ 9,950 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ 11,950 TBA
January 2023 Year $ 13,250 TBA


Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Short Term $ 11,450 TBA
August 2022 Semester $ 13,050 TBA
August 2022 Year $ 14,750 TBA
November 2022 Short Term $ 11,450 TBA
January 2023 Short Term $ 11,450 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ 13,450 TBA
January 2023 Year $ 14,750 TBA

At this point in time the above program fees are indicative only. Confirmed program fees and application deadlines will be published in due course.

Included Extras

For semester and year programs, a five-night orientation in Soest. For short term programs, a three-night orientation in Soest. Orientations include Dutch language lessons and sightseeing. Excursion(s). A prepatory online Dutch language course. Use of a bicycle.

More Information

Local Time


1 AUD 0.68 EUR



21.1 11.1 °C


21.5 11.8 °C

Day After

19.7 14.3 °C


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