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Study in Sweden! Kom igen Sverige!

Home of the moose, Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstockings), ABBA and IKEA, Sweden seems to be synonymous with stereotype. So why not find out what it’s really like to live as a Swedish teenager, on a WEP student exchange?

Sweden is the third largest country in Europe, however, it has quite a small population for its size, just like Australia! This means that Swedes not only value their personal space but also enjoy the vast and beautiful countryside that is available to them.

Midsommar (midsummer) is a time for singing, dancing and celebration in all parts of the country.  Family gatherings stretch long into the night as children and adults  dance around traditional maypoles wrapped in greenery and flowers. Depending on what part of the country you are in, the sun may not go down at all around this time of year, June, whereas in winter, January, there may only be five hours of daylight!

Sweden is proud to be one of the leading exponents of gender equality worldwide, with 47% of seats in its national parliament being held by women.

Does Sweden sound like the country for you? If so, keep on reading below! In no time at all you could find yourself living the life as a WEP exchange student as you learn, live and study in Sweden!

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2021 Year $ 11,750 2 March 2021
August 2021 Semester $ 10,750 2 March 2021

The above program fees are valid until 31/12/2020. Application deadlines are subject to change.

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