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Hola España!

Spanish people are welcoming, cheerful, generous and lively. It’s important to them that visitors leave their country with a good impression!

This behaviour stems from one common national trait – pride. Being so comfortable welcoming foreigners to your country, suggests the Spaniards have something special about their culture, which makes them proud. Could it be the magnificent Mediterranean climate? Perhaps it’s the delectable cuisine, which varies greatly from region to region, but includes ham, fish and paella, and addictively sweet churros for dessert.

Convinced that Spain is the destination for you? If so, we are sure you will also develop a great sense of pride for this flamboyant culture. Check out the information below to find out a bit more about what life could be like as you study in Spain on your very own WEP student exchange program!

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
September 2018 Short Term $ 8,150 1 May 2018
September 2018 Year $ 10,950 1 May 2018
September 2018 Semester $ 9,650 1 May 2018
November 2018 Short Term $ 8,150 17 July 2018
February 2019 Short Term $ 8,150 25 September 2018
February 2019 Ten Months $ 11,550 25 September 2018
February 2019 Semester $ 9,650 25 September 2018
February 2019 Year $ 11,950 25 September 2018

The above program fees are valid until 31/12/2018.

Included Extras

Overnight arrival orientation program in Madrid with city tour (numbers permitting)

Optional Extras

For semester and year programs, a 2-3 week language course in Madrid prior to program commencement. Day and weekend discovery trips to cities such as Toledo and Valencia

More Information

Local Time

1 3 : 1 7 24 February, 2018


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9.9 -5.5 °C

Day After

11.3 -5.2 °C

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Segovia is very beautiful. In Australia I live in a semi-rural house and here in a busy city. Yeah the aqueducts here are amazing and so tall! My...

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I'm just e-mailing you to tell you how my stay in Spain is going. It's absolutely amazing! I have made tonnes of new friends and my family is...


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