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Hola España!

Did you know that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world?! With over 400 million speakers and 21 countries that recognise it as an official language (plus the United Nations), it’s a fantastic language to have under your belt. Learn it on a WEP program to Spain!

Spain is much more than just its language though! It’s a historical hub blessed with a stack of sunshine, beautiful coastlines and lively residents (also churros). Spain is pretty famous for its architecture (Gaudi), artists (Picasso) and soccer superstars (too many to mention!).

Share in the hype and become a Spaniard in your own right on a WEP program!

Upcoming Exchanges

Student Exchange

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2023 Short Term $ 10,450 18 May 2023
August 2023 Semester $ 11,950 18 May 2023
August 2023 Academic Year $ 14,350 18 May 2023
November 2023 Short Term $ 10,450 25 July 2023
February 2024 Short Term $ 10,450 12 September 2023
February 2024 Semester $ 11,950 12 September 2023
February 2024 Academic Year $ 15,250 12 September 2023

A flight surcharge may be applied if at the time of making flight bookings airlines are charging significantly higher airfares.

Optional Extras

Orientation in Madrid for programs starting in August and January

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