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Study In France! C’est la vie!

We’ve got to admit, there are a stack of things the French do better than the rest of us; cheese (duh!), pastries, berets! Get amongst it with a WEP program to this cultural hub.

France has influenced the western world for hundreds of years and with good reason, their contributions to art, literature, philosophy, architecture, food, sport and film are endless.

France should be top of your list as a study destination and, with WEP, you can choose to study right in the heart of Paris, in a French boarding school (how chic!), in the famous Mediterranean coastal region + more.

Interested? Brilliant! Allons-y!


Student Exchange

On a WEP student exchange you’ll live with a volunteer host family and attend a local school. You could be placed anywhere in France!


Keen for more choice? Decide where you study!

Private High School Option 🇫🇷

Study right in the centre of Paris at L’École Diagonale. What a dream!

This school’s motto is ‘Our students are talented!’ and, with only 850 students, you’ll get to experience the best of the French education system!

Just like a local teenager, you’ll live with a French family. Embrace family life in Paris and make memories to last a lifetime.

Boarding School Option 🏫

Live in a boarding school Monday to Friday and experience life with a local family on the weekends – talk about the best of both worlds! Choose from four boarding schools located in:


Rennes, located in Brittany, is tourist central with stacks to see. Rennes is a student city, with plenty of nearby universities. Your school is right in the heart of town. Sport activities are organised on Wednesday afternoons and you’ll have the opportunity to take up extra French language classes.


The Loire Valley is littered with castles and vineyards, talk about picturesque! Angers itself is famous for its Château (pretty impressive, have a Google). Your boarding school has an international atmosphere with students from all over the world (split up into classes to allow for French language immersion).


Rouen is the capital of Normandy and is filled with medieval heritage. This is the city where Joan of Arc sat trial. Your school is a 17th century French high school located in the historic city centre. Former French president, François Hollande, studied here.


Espalion is a large rural town. It is most famous for its UNESCO World Heritage listed bridge over the River Lot. Your school focuses on languages and offers French lessons for foreigners.

Study Abroad

On a WEP study abroad program, your host family will receive a small stipend to cover your basic living expenses. On this program you can choose from one of the following options:

Atlantic or Mediterranean coastal regions

Choose to be placed in either the Atlantic or Mediterranean coastal regions.

Urban Area

The Urban Area option guarantees that students will be placed in an urban environment (over 50,000 residents). Please note, students cannot choose the specific urban area.

Special Request

Is there a subject you’d like to study or an instrument or sport you’d like to play while on exchange? Please contact us before applying to see if we can accommodate your request as part of the Special Request Option.

Upcoming Exchanges

Student Exchange

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Short Term $ 7,750 5 April 2022
August 2022 Semester $ 9,550 5 April 2022
August 2022 Year $ 10,950 5 April 2022
November 2022 Short Term $ 7,750 6 September 2022
January 2023 Short Term $ 7,750 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ 9,550 TBA
January 2023 Year $ 0,950 TBA

WEP+ Private High School Option

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Short Term $ 15,050 TBA
August 2022 Semester $ 18,350 TBA
August 2022 Year $ 24,550 TBA
January 2023 Short Term $ 15,050 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ 18,350 TBA

WEP+ Boarding School Option

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Term $ from 11,850 TBA
August 2022 Semester $ from 15,050 TBA
August 2022 Year $ from 18,950 TBA
January 2023 Short Term $ from 11,850 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ from 15,050 TBA
January 2023 Year $ from 18,950 TBA

Study Abroad

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Short Term $ 11,450 TBA
August 2022 Semester $ 14,750 TBA
August 2022 Year $ 18,950 TBA
January 2023 Short Term $ 12,450 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ 14,750 TBA
January 2023 Year $ 18,950 TBA

At this point in time the above program fees are indicative only. Confirmed program fees and application deadlines will be published in due course.

Included Extras

A three-night orientation in Paris

Optional Extras

Three trips per year to places such as Disneyland Paris, Southern France and Dunkirk Carnival.

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