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Programs to China currently suspended.

Study in Zheng Zhou, China! Ancient Land, Modern Outlook…

With 5000 years of history on its back, the world’s greatest population and the world’s longest wall, China is sure to impress. The country’s geographical and climatic extremes have helped shape the Chinese culture, its customs and its history – in all of which they take immense pride. If you want to become a part of this incredible culture, keep on reading to find out what it may be like to study in China as a WEP exchange student!

Traditional attitudes towards family and food are sure to create a warm and welcoming environment for exchange students. Indeed, family in China is regarded as the basis of society, a guarantee of happiness, prosperity and security.

HS-OB-ECClarke-AU-1113-scorpion-OBreakfast is normally between 6-7am and is traditional Baozi (steamed dumplings). Lunch is then had at school/work around 12 and dinner is usually at 7pm. Foods vary depending on the area of China you are in. However you can expect to be eating noodles, rice, meat and vegetables. Meal times are sharing times and most dishes are shared from the dinner table when eating with the host family. It is traditional to wait for the eldest gentleman at the table to start eating before you help yourself.

Ready to try something new? How does ‘chicken feet’ sound? Many daily meals in China may seem strange to Australian exchange students  and most of the foods have bones.  Students will learn how to spit bones in the first month. Generally there isn’t any cheese, butter or yogurt in either the school canteen or host family home.

Experience it for yourself by stepping into the shoes of a Chinese teenager and discover this thriving culture, full of diverse ideas, from the traditional to the modern.

WEP students to China are enrolled in boarding schools in Zheng Zhou. On weekends students live with local host families to experience traditional family life.

So, what’s next? How do you start you own adventure to study in China on a WEP student exchange program? Fill out the form below to request  a free information pack to be sent to your house with all of the relevant information.






Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
Short Term $ –
February 2021 Short Term $ 7,350 6 October 2020
February 2021 Term $ 8,350 6 October 2020
February 2021 Semester $ 9,350 6 October 2020
August 2021 Short Term $ 7,650 13 April 2021
August 2021 Term $ 8,350 13 April 2021
August 2021 Semester $ 9,350 13 April 2021
August 2021 Year $ 13,150 13 April 2021

The above program fees are valid until 31/12/2020. Application deadlines are subject to change.

Included Extras

Overnight program in Zheng Zhou including orientation and sightseeing

Optional Extras

Mandarin language lessons

More Information

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1 AUD 4.77 CNY



16.2 10.5 °C


19.2 9.9 °C

Day After

17.0 11.8 °C


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