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Study in Chile – it’s not too chilly!

Bordering the Andes Mountains in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west, you can’t help but notice Chile’s unusual ribbon shape. With an average width of 175 km, Chile is the narrowest and longest country in the world. But that is not all! Chile’s north is home to the driest and longest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert. And while central Chile enjoys a comfortable Mediterranean climate, snowy Alpine regions dominate the south. It is here where the world’s southernmost village, Puerto Williams, can be found.

It is believed that the first settlement in Chile occurred about 10,000 years ago. However, after three centuries of occupation by the Spanish, Chile’s official language has since been Spanish. Nonetheless, there are still many indigenous languages being spoken by various minority groups across the country.

These days Chile, officially the Republic of Chile, is a flourishing, worldly and stable South American country. During Australia’s 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Chilean soccer team returned home with a bronze medal. In 2006 Michelle Bachelet Jeria was elected as the first female president in Chilean history.

Study in Chile and discover the world’s longest country! In just a few months you could be eating Chilean empanadas and finding out all about this diverse country for yourself as you study in Chile on a WEP exchange!

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Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
February 2021 Short Term $ 8,550 6 October 2020
February 2021 Year $ 11,350 6 October 2020
February 2021 Semester $ 9,750 6 October 2020
July 2021 Year $ 11,350 9 March 2021
July 2021 Short Term $ 8,550 9 March 2021
July 2021 Semester $ 9,750 9 March 2021

The above program fees are valid until 31/12/2020. Application deadlines are subject to change.

Included Extras

For semester and year programs, 20-40 hours of Spanish language lessons

Optional Extras

Trips to Northern and Southern Chile (availability is dependent on time of year)

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