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Meet Australia’s cooler cousin and study abroad in Canada!

When describing typical attributes of Canadians, it is not uncommon to hear an Australian liken our own culture with that of Canadians – easy-going, friendly, a similar sense of humour, and a love for sport and the great outdoors. But how on earth do they put up with the cold?!

Parts of Canada become mighty cold in winter but this is not an excuse to remain idle – snowboarding, skiing, curling and ice-hockey are all very popular winter sports and the heated indoor malls are amazing.

Like Australians, Canadians enjoy a large amount of personal space, with an average of only three people per square kilometer (Australia has two). Canada is divided into two parts – English speaking and French speaking (Quebec). Canada is also home to many famous festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal Comedy Festival, and the Toronto Film Festival.

With so much to do if you decide to study in Canada you’ll be sure to find something for you!

Did we mention the food? You can also look forward to tasting legitimate Canadian maple syrup and their world-famous ‘poutine’.  Poutine is (simply put) fries, gravy and cheese-curds. Sounds average – TASTES AMAZING!

So if you’re keen for a taste of the Canadian cuisine why not study abroad in Canada?

Upcoming Exchanges

English- speaking Canada

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2019 Semester $ 13,250 9 April 2019
August 2019 Year $ 15,750 9 April 2019
November 2019 Short Term $ 8,950 13 August 2019

French- speaking Canada

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2019 Semester $ 10,750 26 March 2019
August 2019 Year $ 13,250 26 March 2019
November 2019 Short Term $ 8,950 13 August 2019

The above program fees are valid until 31/12/2018.

Included Extras

For French-speaking programs commencing in August, a ten-day arrival language and culture program.

More Information

Local Time


1 AUD 0.96 CAD



-10.9 -14.5 °C


-10.3 -16.1 °C

Day After

-7.5 -13.8 °C

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