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Belgium and Italy

One year, two countries!

Are you interested in going on exchange for a year and want to experience TWO different countries and cultures?  The Belgium and Italy double program might be the program for you.


  • Must hold a EU passport
  • Two years prior language student of one language (Italian or French)

About The Program

Experience two cultures, live with two host families, attend two different schools – live two European lives – all in just one year!

Too much family is never enough, so say the Italians. Family is of utmost importance, so get set to share your life with your host family, as well as cousins, uncles, aunts, ‘nonni’ — the whole clan! Once you’re welcomed into your host family you’ll be able to experience true Italian culture and celebrations. Take part in the daily ‘passeggiata’ — the social event of the day where you head to the piazza, link arms with your best friend and stroll around and around — this is the place to see and be seen.

Belgium is famous for medieval cities, gothic cathedrals, castles, diamonds, waffles, chocolates, and frites (fries). Learning French in Belgium is a wise choice! The linguistic diversity of the country ensures that Belgians are used to accommodating first-time French learners. School days are shorter than in France, and public transport is readily available in most towns.

Is This The Program For Me?

Before selecting this program, there a several factors you should take into consideration.

  • You will begin your year in Italy.
  • Many exchange students experience culture shock at the beginning of their program. Culture shock can result from several factors, but often includes the exposure to a new language and living with a new family. You MAY experience repeat culture shock  when you commence the second part of this exchange program. That being said, you may be better equipped to deal with the culture shock if you previously managed it on your initial program. Please note: WEP will determine the commencement date of the second program.
  • You will have to leave Italy after a semester. This will mean leaving all your newly formed friendships, host-family and networks, and starting again from scratch.

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
January 2023 Year $ 12,650 23 August 2022
August 2023 Year $ 12,650* 28 March 2023

A flight surcharge may be applied if at the time of making flight bookings airlines are charging significantly higher airfares.

Included Extras

A three-night orientation in the Rome area.

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