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Student Exchange In Argentina! From One Laid Back Culture To Another…

In today’s busy world many people struggle to find time to relax, take a breath and enjoy the present moment. This is something Argentines have a particular knack for and that you can experience in your very own WEP student exchange in Argentina!

Argentines are proud of their laid-back lifestyle, that includes an afternoon siesta in some provincial towns, family gatherings which go on for hours and hours, and dinners starting at 11pm. It’s true! It is not uncommon to see a restaurant empty at 9pm, but bustling with hungry diners from midnight onwards.

This easy-come, easy-go attitude may be irritating at first for us Westerners who live life by the watch and are used to buses running on time, but it quickly becomes infectious, as we too start to appreciate the more relaxed pace of life. Living in Argentina, you will soon begin to delight in sharing a drink of ‘mate’ with a friend and discussing the ways of the world.

The arts are a major part of Argentinean culture! Even when Argentina was deep in it’s economic recession, the government still provided grants to performing artists. Through participating in an exchange program to Argentina, you can experience the same art culture that you could expect from any other major ‘old world’ city.

If you do choose to become an exchange student in Argentina, you will notice that the cost of living is extremely low.  In fact prices in Argentina are so low that Buenos Aires has become a major tourist destination for people who are wanting to take advantage of the low shopping prices!

It is difficult not to fall in love with the Argentines’ attitude. Their easy smiles, generous hospitality and lively nature make this a winning destination! Interested in becoming an exchange student on your very own WEP student exchange in Argentina? Keep reading for more information!

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Cost Application Deadline
February 2018 Academic Year $10,550 12 September 2017
February 2018 Semester $9,250 12 September 2017
February 2018 Short Term $8,550 12 September 2017

The above costs apply to departures up to and including May 2018.

Included Extras

Learn about Argentine families, schools and communities during a three-night orientation in Rosario including 25 hours of Spanish lessons and cultural activities.

Optional Extras

Trips to Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Ushuaia, Northwest Argentina and the Argentine coast

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I’ve been in Argentina for just over a week now and am loving it. My host family has been very welcoming and everybody that I’ve met has been...

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I suppose the hardest part of the immersion process has been the peeling back of 18 years of Australian male emotional repression. It's amazing...


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