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USA deadlines closing soon!

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Application deadlines for 2018 student exchange programs to the USA are closing soon! Start your application now and experience life as an American teen!

I’m two and a half months into my five-month exchange program in the USA, which means I’m half way! The whole experience has gone incredibly fast and I never want to leave (sorry mum and dad). I’m located in the heartland of America in the state of Oklahama, the land of buffalo, sports-crazed fans and soul food. I’ve experienced some amazing things that I’ll never forget!

I frequently get the question, “Is American high school like the movies?” and the answer is “YES!” in all the best ways possible! I ride a yellow bus to school everyday, eat in a cafeteria filled with pizza and burgers and sit through US history. It’s incredibly different from my school in Australia where I wear uniforms to school and am surrounded by only girls! My favourite part would definitely have to be the spirit or pep assemblies and the football games. Spirit assemblies are pretty much where the school gathers together and does various activities and chants to build school spirit, they are the funnest school assemblies ever! Also, high schools in the United States have Friday Night Football, where schools play each other. The entire school come out to stand up and cheer along the team with chants and songs. The game will also include dance offs at half time, extravagant performances by the school band and cheerleaders on the sidelines.

A huge highlight of my trip so far was last weekend, when me and three friends went on a small weekend trip to Lawton, a small National Park in the South of Oklahoma City where I am staying. We camped, hiked, swam in a gorge and ran through a field of flowers. It was a lot of fun and I got to see another side beautiful side of America.

A massive difference between Australia and the United States is food! It is pretty well known that America is the world’s leading provider of fast food and junk food. My first time going to a grocery store I was amazed at all the different chips, chocolates and candy and not
just that, but the numerous fast food stores that I passed on my way to the store. As delicious and tempting as it is I’m trying not to get too tempted by the American diet but I do enjoy a good burger and fries.

I’ve had an amazing experience and can’t wait for the rest of my program!


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