WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy





Tune into a Returnee Q&A!

Tune into a WEP Returnee Q&A and have all your student exchange questions answered! You’ll hear from a panel of returned WEP exchange students who will share their experiences and answer questions about what exchange is REALLY like. They’ll have their cameras and mic on, but we won’t be able to hear or see you guys, so you can watch over dinner!

March 2
6pm (AEDT)
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Meet our panel:

Sinead went to Canada in 2018. Here’s a flashback:
So the last few months have been full of fun activities! In December I had a Winter Ball at my school which was so much fun, and was something I hadn’t experienced back in Australia. I then went to Quebec City with the other exchange students in my area. I’m Quebec we visited the Chataeu Frontaic, the Christmas markets and Old Quebec City. It was amazing to be able to see a different part of Quebec and the city was beautiful. Then for the Christmas break I went to St Jaques with my host family to stay at the grandparents’ house over Christmas. Then for New Years I hung out with friends and just enjoyed their company. It’s hard to believe that I only have 3 weeks left and I know I’ll definitely have to come back and visit!

Alice went to Germany in 2018. Here’s a flashback:
I’m having a great time and can’t wait to see what the next six months have in store. Liebe Grüße 

Jacqueline went to France in 2018. Here’s a flashback:
I had a great festive season in France. I spent Christmas with my host family and my host grandparents. The ‘reveillon’ (Christmas Eve) is one of the most celebrated parts of the holiday in France. On Christmas Eve we dressed up in our dinner outfits, ate a lovely 4 course meal including Bûche de Noël (traditional French Christmas cake) for dessert and waited until midnight so we could open the presents just as it turned to Christmas Day.

Matilda went to Italy in 2016. Here’s a flashback:
Ciao! So I have officially participated in an Italian monte ore! For three days this week the students controlled what classes they did, I chose to do dance along with some of my new Italian friends. We learnt many Indian and Spanish dances with occasionally a few American dances. The dances we learnt this week we shall perform in our schools student based production called “Russels got talent”. The people I have met through this have such culture and history behind them, each dance is performed with such passion and enthusiasm. Each dance has a purpose, it’s a way of explaining a situation. My schools monte ore was a mess, it was absolutely bliss. I have made many wonderful memories and friendships from just three days at school!


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