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Tune into a Returnee Q&A!

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Tune into a WEP Returnee Q&A and have all your student exchange questions answered! You’ll hear from a panel of returned WEP exchange students who will share their experiences and answer questions about what exchange is REALLY like. They’ll have their cameras and mic on, but we won’t be able to hear or see you guys, so you can watch over dinner!

November 16th
6pm (AEDT)

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Meet our panel:


Emma went to France in 2010. Here’s a little about her experience:
It is almost impossible to identify the highlights of an 11-month experience because there are so many! I have amazing memories of visiting Disneyland Paris, where I learnt that rides with sudden drops are not for me, a beach holiday in le Grau-du-Roi on the Mediterranean and the nearby Medieval city of Aigues-Mortes situated amongst flamingo-filled salt marches, and a 21st birthday party with all the extended family at my host great-uncle’s farm in the mountains, where I was ‘strongly encouraged’ to taste a cheese which uses maggots in the maturation process – surprisingly not as bad as you’d think!


Lizzie went to Germany in 2016. Here’s a little about her experience:
My exchange year was one of the most influential of my life to date. Whilst it was as tough at times, I relished the opportunity to overcome the daily challenges of living and breathing another culture. Travelling to Germany for the first time, I could barely string together a sentence in German. However, by the end of the year, I was speaking like a local, often engaging in conversations with strangers without them realising I was Australian! 


Georgia went to Italy in 2015. Here’s a little about her experience:
My student exchange to Italy has been the best thing I’ve ever done! In 2015 I went on a journey of a life time and spent 5 months living in a little picturesque town called Malnate, in Northern Italy. I lived with the most beautiful host family who I still talk to regularly and absolutely adore. 


Josie went to the USA in 2017. Here’s a little about her experience:
Overall, exchange has helped me open many doors and make so many new friends and I don’t know who or where I’d be today without those people or experiences. I recommend exchange to anyone and everyone, and even when they point out that I had not the most enjoyable experience for the first bit, I remind them that it’s all part of the journey and of the amazing support I got from WEP.

20th Anniversary Newsletter:

All of the Returnee speaking at the Q&A were also included in World Education Program Australia’s 20th Anniversary newsletter. Have a look at the newsletter here and read about the amazing experience past students have had on Exchange with WEP!


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