WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy





Sophie – short-term in Italy

I am all settled in now and it keeps getting better. First week I was a little bit overwhelmed and homesick but after that I have started to really take everything in! My host sister has really helped me settle in. She is gorgeous and I get along with her so well. My host family were so nice and welcoming and now they are pushing me to improve my Italian. 3 weeks feels like forever and it has already been such an amazing experience.

Rome is so beautiful and my family have made an effort to show me all aspects. School is so different here so it is great to compare it to Australia and meet new friends. Originally it was hard making friends because of the language barrier but my classmates and I are now all good. My host family and I are constantly laughing at how I pronounce Italian words and how they pronounce English. I also caught up with another WEP girl for one afternoon when she came to Rome and comparing stories with her was hilarious.

We spoke about how we are having oil overload because all their food is covered in it. Overall everything is amazing so far and I’m not really having any problems.

Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity!