WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy





Courtney – semester program to the USA

So far I’m having the greatest time in America, it’s so much better than I ever thought it would be, everything is still quite surreal. Oregon is such a beautiful state and I am so thankful to be here (even though it rains all the time and is very cold). The people are very nice, especially my host-family who I get along with very well. They’ve taken me to some great places and I was fortunate enough to go with them to California, to my host-mum’s hometown of Gridley. My host-sisters also took me out to see a NBA game in Portland where I got to see the trail Blazers play the Raptors.

School is easily my most favourite part about being here. I have made some amazing friends, and the classes are all really fun. The school here is very different to my school back home; I catch a yellow school bus home from school, eat my lunch in the cafeteria, and don’t have to wear uniform everyday.

There are so many activities to get involved with at school, especially with sports. I joined cheerleading, and have met some great people doing this, and now I have my first game coming up soon which I’m really excited about. My favourite thing about American schools though has to be the school spirit. Everyone is so proud of their school and so they all go to pep rallies and football games, which has become my favourite thing to go to. Everyone gets dressed up in our school colours (green and gold) and yells school cheers.

Halloween was just a last week and it was great fun. A few days before Halloween I got to carve a pumpkin, it was a lot of fun and it looked great when we were finished and had the candles in. On the actual day my host sister and me went to a haunted corn maze and then to Voodoo Doughnuts (this is a famous doughnut store in Oregon) – it was a great night! So now everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving, which is the next holiday coming up.

Overall I’m having an amazing time here in America and am very excited for what the next 3 months hold for me. Everyone has been so nice to me and very welcoming, I feel right at home now!