WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy





Ashleigh – year USA

This month I joined the track team and learned a new American sport! We had our very first track meet a couple of days ago and of course it decided to be the only cold day of the week with the wind blowing but I was able to spend it with great new friends.

I have taken to a challenge to eat at all of the iconic American restaurants before my departure date so I have recently tried Panera Bread and Olive Garden with many more to come. Fingers crossed I can get to almost every one before I leave!!

Prom is getting so much closer and I had my very own promposal from one of my best friends! It was one of the highlights because we always see them around this time of year going viral on social media.

I am beginning to understand why people say exchange is so hard. I miss my dad more and more everyday and in the last couple of months it is hard to not be thinking of home but I am really looking forward to the time I have left and all of the opportunities such as my very own American high school graduation ceremony!