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Hey, my name is Lucy and I'm on a semester program in Wisconsin, USA! When I was imagining what my exchange experience was going to be like prior to leaving, the reality turned out to be more amazing than I could have ever thought! I still pinch myself every time I see a yellow school bus! My flights and arrival went smoothly. I was with two other exchange students on my long haul flight and was solo for my domestic flights. Personally, I love flying and that airport feeling so I really enjoyed this part of my journey. I don't think the moment I met my host family will ever leave me! They had a sign for me and we talked the whole car ride home. Although I've only been here a month, I can tell the bond I am building with them is one that is going to go far. My first day at school was kinda rough. Going into a massive school as the new kid from rural Australia would be a challenge for anyone. But I persisted, adjusted and was rewarded. I am making friends, learning so many new things and living my teenage dream. I would say that the best way to make friends is to do a sport or join a club. I am on the dance team and have made so many friends and memories from it. Friday nights in the USA as a highschool student are something unmatched. Football games are amazing. There are themes to dress up to and the students do chants and other fun things. School spirit is a huge thing in America, which I really like, it brings everyone together. Despite the USA speaking the same language as us there are actually a lot more differences than would first come to mind. For example, I am becoming very good as converting Fahrenheit to Celsius! They drive and walk on the right, measure miles/feet/inches, the pledge of allegiance every morning, getting used to writing the date at mm/dd at school are just a few things! My best advice for battling homesickness is to stay busy and to have a good night's sleep - everything seems different when you aren't tired!

  Dear students, parents, host parents, school principals, teachers and local coordinators As you may be aware, on the 11th of May 2021 the Coalition Government announced the 2021-2022 Federal Budget, based on the forecast of Australia’s international borders gradually reopening from mid-2022 onwards. Even though such forecast is open to changes with the progress of the vaccine rollout in Australia and overseas, international programs remain at a very high risk of cancellation for the remainder of this year and the first semester of the coming year. The delivery of both our inbound and outbound student exchange programs requires months of preparation and organisation, allowing a very small timeframe to make a decision on upcoming student departures and intakes. Over our 20 years of operations in Australia, WEP’s priority has always been to deliver high quality services to all stakeholders. As we cannot guarantee such level of quality by reducing the timeframe of our production cycles, we at WEP Australia have made the difficult decision to cancel all international student exchange programs up to and including June 2022.

Applications for Australian students to go on exchange from August 2022 onwards are open.

We greatly appreciate the trust and support you have shown to our organisation since the start of the global pandemic and hope that you will understand our decision. We will remain available for any information you may require and will continue to update you with any changes to our position. We look forward to resuming our programs and bringing wonderful opportunities for cultural exchange back to the Australian and international youth and community. Yours sincerely,

Muriel Scheid



The ever changing border updates are sure keeping us all on our toes. Don't we all itch to finally go overseas! To put some facts into ocean of mixed messages regarding the future of student exchange, we invite you to tune into our next Zoom info session!   We will answer questions such as: 🤨 When should you apply for your dream exchange program? 🧐 Is it safe...? What is WEP’s Covid refund policy? 👍 What countries are currently offering exchange programs?   We will also ensure to cover all general exchange related topics, such as, if you can sign up with a friend, choose a host school or family, inclusions, eligibility and so on.

Click here to register for 24 June info session

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We can't wait to see you soon online!  

📯Great news for all high schoolers who live in Melbourne! You've probably heard by now about Voce Viva, WEP's Italian immersion camp. The camp is held in the Melbourne CBD, so if you live near by or have suitable accommodation in the area, you can now sign up for a day version of this program and save big! So what are you waiting for? Book now and spend part of your next school holidays eating pasta and learning Italian with the ability to return home in the afternoon. The Voce Viva day program costs only $990 (that's a saving of $1,360!)

What's Next?

  1. Find out more about Voce Viva and request an info pack as you scroll down the page.
  2. Ask us any questions!
  3. Start your booking here!
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International travel is slowly reopening and you can now travel with WEP to New Zealand as early as in mid 2021 (if you submit you application fast enough!😀).
You will attend the state of the art Avondale College in Auckland and get the benefit of a 'city program’ with some unspoilt nature at your doorstep…
You will have the opportunity to choose adventure focused outdoor school subjects and participate in trips that will enable you to go skiing, mountain biking and white water rafting (activities depend on the season).


$7,450   - for one term beginning in July 21
$11,650 - for a whole semester beginning in July 21

HURRY! Applications close on the 8th of June

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Bestie Discount

Voce Viva's Early Bird Special is closing in just three weeks! Get your booking in on time to save $500 on your Voce Viva program, simply submit your completed booking by the below dates to qualify:

  • July school holidays: 23 April, 2021.
  • September school holidays: 19 July, 2021.
Voce Viva is an immersive Italian language and culture camp in the heart of Melbourne! Come and join us! Eat pizza, make pasta, explore Melbourne, learn Italian and make connections with a bunch of like-minded adventurers. Voce Viva is open to all levels of Italian learners, including beginners. More information about this Early Bird Special is available here. [gravityform id="91" title="true" description="true"]

Tune into a WEP Returnee Q&A and have all your student exchange questions answered! You'll hear from a panel of returned WEP exchange students who will share their experiences and answer questions about what exchange is REALLY like. They'll have their cameras and mic on, but we won't be able to hear or see you guys, so you can watch over dinner!

March 2 6pm (AEDT) Click here to register!

Sinead Sinead went to Canada in 2018. Here's a flashback: So the last few months have been full of fun activities! In December I had a Winter Ball at my school which was so much fun, and was something I hadn’t experienced back in Australia. I then went to Quebec City with the other exchange students in my area. I’m Quebec we visited the Chataeu Frontaic, the Christmas markets and Old Quebec City. It was amazing to be able to see a different part of Quebec and the city was beautiful. Then for the Christmas break I went to St Jaques with my host family to stay at the grandparents' house over Christmas. Then for New Years I hung out with friends and just enjoyed their company. It’s hard to believe that I only have 3 weeks left and I know I’ll definitely have to come back and visit! Alice Alice went to Germany in 2018. Here's a flashback: I'm having a great time and can't wait to see what the next six months have in store. Liebe Grüße  Jacqueline Jacqueline went to France in 2018. Here's a flashback: I had a great festive season in France. I spent Christmas with my host family and my host grandparents. The ‘reveillon’ (Christmas Eve) is one of the most celebrated parts of the holiday in France. On Christmas Eve we dressed up in our dinner outfits, ate a lovely 4 course meal including Bûche de Noël (traditional French Christmas cake) for dessert and waited until midnight so we could open the presents just as it turned to Christmas Day. Matilda Matilda went to Italy in 2016. Here's a flashback: Ciao! So I have officially participated in an Italian monte ore! For three days this week the students controlled what classes they did, I chose to do dance along with some of my new Italian friends. We learnt many Indian and Spanish dances with occasionally a few American dances. The dances we learnt this week we shall perform in our schools student based production called "Russels got talent". The people I have met through this have such culture and history behind them, each dance is performed with such passion and enthusiasm. Each dance has a purpose, it's a way of explaining a situation. My schools monte ore was a mess, it was absolutely bliss. I have made many wonderful memories and friendships from just three days at school!  

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Happy New Year from the WEP Australia team! We hope your 2021 will be packed with new experiences and memories (and we especially hope these will be made during a WEP exchange program!). Applications are open for August and November 2021 student exchange programs and January 2022 student exchange programs. Use the school holidays to get yours started using the form below. If you've got questions about how COVID-19 may impact your program, click here to read our FAQ and let us know if you have any questions on 1300 884 733. Happy New Year! [gravityform id="17" title="true" description="true"]

Next Thursday (November 26), WEP is holding our final info session for 2020! Make sure you register, it’ll be busy! We’ll kick off at 6pm in VIC/NSW, 5pm in QLD and 5:30pm in SA and finish up about an hour later. Our Q&A will be live and a WEP staff member will be there to answer all your questions! Don’t miss it. 💻 Are one-way (you see us, we won’t see you) 💡 Have a Q&A function so that we can answer your questions live 🌏 Cover the who, when, what, where, how and why of WEP exchange ⏰ Run for about 45 minutes! Join us online to find out more about your student exchange opportunities! 🌏 Register here!

This little pocket of the world is home to some of WEP’s favourite student exchange destinations, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Denmark! The region is famous for its high standard of living (+ amazing views, snowy mountains, fjords). Applications are now open for mid to late-2021 departures! Did you know that Norwegians celebrate the end of the week with Taco Friday or tacofredag? This alone is a pretty fantastic reason to choose Norway for your WEP student exchange, but there are plenty more!


Finland is the #1 happiest country in the world! They can also boast the Northern Lights, more saunas than cars and Santa Claus! We reckon it’s a pretty amazing place to spend your exchange!


They invented Skype, they have the highest number of meteorite craters, over 2222 islands and a huge concentration of super models! Have you met one of WEP’s newest destinations, Estonia?