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What are your goals for 2019? Add new stamps to your passport, new memories to your heart and new skills to your belt on a WEP student exchange program! WEP is now accepting applications for student exchange programs departing in August and November 2019. August is a super popular time to go on exchange because many WEP programs departing around this time include incredible orientation programs (NYC, Paris, Rome, Brussels + heaps more!). What grade are you in? An August semester exchange program is perfect for students going into year 9 or 10! Why? Because you’ll return in January in time to start the new school year! Let’s take the USA as an example of August program awesomeness: On an August program to the USA, you’ll:

  • Participate in WEP’s famous New York City mini tour
  • Experience the all-American holiday, Thanksgiving!
  • Then Halloween
  • Then Xmas (hopefully white!)
  • Then NYE!
  • Return with memories for life! Apply for a USA program by clicking here!

Would a November program suit me better?

November programs are popular with students in year 11 because you'll be on exchange during the Australian summer holidays; departing in November/December and returning in January. The best bit? You'll get to spend the festive season overseas! Imagine sipping hot chocs in snowy Norway or celebrating Christmas with your new Italian family.

These awesome programs are so popular that sports do fill up quickly! Make sure you begin your application ASAP.

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Applications deadlines for January WEP student exchanges to the USA close on September 25. Don't delay, places are limited, start your application ASAP. Choose between a semester or year program and make 2019 a year filled with adventure and memories that will last a lifetime. Here are our top reasons why you should choose the USA for your WEP exchange: 1. The People It's true, everyday Americans have got to be amongst the most welcoming people on earth. Get ready to be embraced as the new Aussie celebrity in town! 2. The Food America gets a bad wrap with all those fast food chains. But remember, Americans pioneered salad as a meal and perfected 'soul food'! 3. The Traditions From school traditions like prom and homecoming to national holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, America throws a good celebration! 4. Its Diversity America is massively multicultural and you're bound to learn about cultures and histories you never thought you would! 5. The Scenery City skylines, a massive coastline, small towns, farmland, this gigantic nation offers every photo opp you could ever want! Remember, your FULL application needs to be submitted by the September 25 deadline, so get started ASAP. Follow WEP Australia on Instagram for a photo celebration of the USA!

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Application deadlines for 2018 student exchange programs to the USA are closing soon! Start your application now and experience life as an American teen! I'm two and a half months into my five-month exchange program in the USA, which means I'm half way! The whole experience has gone incredibly fast and I never want to leave (sorry mum and dad). I'm located in the heartland of America in the state of Oklahama, the land of buffalo, sports-crazed fans and soul food. I've experienced some amazing things that I'll never forget! I frequently get the question, "Is American high school like the movies?" and the answer is "YES!" in all the best ways possible! I ride a yellow bus to school everyday, eat in a cafeteria filled with pizza and burgers and sit through US history. It's incredibly different from my school in Australia where I wear uniforms to school and am surrounded by only girls! My favourite part would definitely have to be the spirit or pep assemblies and the football games. Spirit assemblies are pretty much where the school gathers together and does various activities and chants to build school spirit, they are the funnest school assemblies ever! Also, high schools in the United States have Friday Night Football, where schools play each other. The entire school come out to stand up and cheer along the team with chants and songs. The game will also include dance offs at half time, extravagant performances by the school band and cheerleaders on the sidelines. A huge highlight of my trip so far was last weekend, when me and three friends went on a small weekend trip to Lawton, a small National Park in the South of Oklahoma City where I am staying. We camped, hiked, swam in a gorge and ran through a field of flowers. It was a lot of fun and I got to see another side beautiful side of America. A massive difference between Australia and the United States is food! It is pretty well known that America is the world's leading provider of fast food and junk food. My first time going to a grocery store I was amazed at all the different chips, chocolates and candy and not just that, but the numerous fast food stores that I passed on my way to the store. As delicious and tempting as it is I'm trying not to get too tempted by the American diet but I do enjoy a good burger and fries. I’ve had an amazing experience and can’t wait for the rest of my program! -Meka Got questions about a WEP exchange program to the USA? Chat to us now!  

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Poster 24 - USAAre you dreaming of spending this Chrissy overseas? How about experiencing an American Halloween or exploring Paris, NYC or Rome with new friends from around the world? Application deadlines for WEP's super popular August-departure exchange programs have started to close! So, if you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime, click here and start your application ASAP! Don't miss out! So, why go on a semester exchange program to one of WEP's 25 incredible countries? Here are five super quick reasons: 1) Inclusions, inclusions, inclusions! From the USA to Germany, many WEP destinations offer amazing mini-tours, weekends away, sightseeing excursions, orientations and language and culture camps exclusively for August programs! 2) The festive season! You get to experience Xmas and New Years in the countries that do it best! Gumtrees and sand are great, but let's be honest, Christmas is all about the cold (Santa comes in a sleigh after all)! 3) Food! When do we eat the most? In December! Local food is on show during this time of year so, when better to experience it? Did you know the French celebrate Christmas by eating chocolate logs. Yes, a log...of chocolate. 4) School. You won't miss as much because, if you go for a semester, much of your exchange will occur over the Australian summer holidays and you'll return in time to start the new school year! 5) Bragging rights! Photos of you having the time of your life on a WEP student exchange are guaranteed to make your sweltering friends back at home super jealous! Plus, you'll return with memories, stories and skills for life!     Save Save

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Good news for all you hamburger eaters, baseball watchers and all round fans of the USA! We've extended our application deadline for programs departing in January 2017! But be quick! To get your application to us by October 4, you'll need to start your application now! Here's a peek into the life of a WEP exchange student in the USA! Tiarna touched down a couple of weeks ago and in that time she's participated in WEP's NYC mini-tour, been to a rodeo and settled into her Oregon home. "I am having the time of my life over here! My host family are so much fun and I feel very welcomed. The New York trip was amazing and it was really great getting to know the other students. School has been fun and I have made a couple of friends through volleyball! The biggest difference I have found over here is how they say things like 'soda' instead of 'soft drink', 'restroom' instead of 'bathroom' and 'flip flops' instead of 'thongs'. I have also noticed how cheap food and drink is and the different portion sizes! I have been traveling quite a bit for volleyball games and rodeos so I have had quite a lot of take away and fast food which is making me miss fresh vegetables a bit but the school lunches are really good because they have a salad bar and if we are home my host mum makes really good dinners! Homecoming is coming up in a couple of weeks so I'm going shopping tomorrow for a dress and shoes. I'm very excited about it! My host dad has a really cool show car he said he can drop my sister and I off in which will be awesome. The weather has been really good, it has only rained once, which somehow managed to be on the day of school photos so my sister and I had to find jackets to wear so our hair wouldn't get wet and our makeup ruined. The teachers here are really nice and understanding when I don't understand something which is great and the students have been really welcoming and because I am on the volleyball team they have decorated my locker which I think is so sweet and on game days they always stick candy or chocolate on it! Next weekend my coordinater is taking the exchange students from the school on a camp up in the mountains at a hot springs which I'm looking forward to and I get to go to California soon to meet some more of my host family's family. I'm really loving it here and I can't wait to see what the next few months have to bring!"