WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy




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Ok, so you’re: Adventurous (we know because you’re reading about a WEP student exchange) Looking for the experience of a lifetime Ready to make 2019 a year to remember! So, what's next? Application deadlines for programs departing in August this year are closing VERY SOON, so start your application now by clicking here. August student exchange programs are fantastic because you get to participate in some wonderful included orientation programs! In Italy, there's a four-night orientation in gorgeous Rome, in France there's a three-night orientation in Paris (oui oui) and in the USA there's a three-night mini tour of #NYC (with a speedboat ride on the harbour, shopping on Fifth Avenue and so much more)! Don't miss out, start your application ASAP!  

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Is a short term student exchange right for me? a. you are in year nine, 10 or 11 b. you can’t miss much Australian schooling! On a short term WEP exchange you'll depart in November or December and return in January for the new school year! Short term programs are awesome because:

  • they're less than 90 days, so they provide a fantastic taste of student exchange
  • you'll get to experience Christmas overseas
  • your Christmas might involve snow
  • you'll make memories and skills for life!
Most WEP destinations offer short term exchange programs. Some of our favourites are:
  • Italy (because there's no language requirement, the food is incredible and Italian Christmas traditions extend until early January!)
  • France (because you can choose between a traditional exchange or an area option)
  • Norway (because this European gem has got to be one of the most beautiful countries on earth!)
Application deadlines for programs commencing this November/December are already beginning to close! Given that it takes three weeks to complete an application you better get a wriggle on! Start your application by clicking here.

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Hello! My name is Velvet and I'm a returned student from France. I wanted to tell you guys, other exchange students and students interested in taking on their own exciting program in the future, my student exchange story! Here goes! I lived in France for a semester from January to June of 2016. I lived in La Roche Sur Yon, a small but lovely town in western France. My host parents became my new family whilst living abroad, and I also made many lifelong friendships with French teenagers and with other foreign exchange students. I was lucky enough to have a six week holiday in Italy, France and Spain with my Australian family at the completion of the program. My program was full of crazy ups and downs, but it was the greatest experience of my life so far, and I have learnt so much about myself and about the world in which I live. Exchange completely changed my life, in more ways than I could have originally imagined. It was difficult at times, yes, but it taught me so much about resilience and the sense of adventure within me. I had the most amazing opportunities given to me by my host family, friends and school. I consider them as my second family now and still have regular contact with them. I miss my school friends, host family and the other exchange students that were with me more than I will ever be able to express. I was so lucky to have befriended them all on my program. Exchange has opened so many doors for me and my future that I never would have expected before. I have almost reinvented myself! I have overcome so much that I never would have been able to if it weren't for my exchange. I have now came back to regular Australian life and reality and have hopefully brought home everything I've learnt and would like to achieve in the future. I am more confident and I no longer need to set boundaries for myself. I feel like a more well-rounded person and I am so grateful that I, and the people I love around me worked so hard to make my exchange happen. It will continue to show up in everything I do in the future. Thank you so much to my beautiful host family, Australian family and to WEP, for opening up this opportunity of me to have taken on. If you are interested in going on exchange or participating in one of WEP's programs, I say, from an experienced point of view, absolutely go for it and don’t let anyone stop you! Some of my most influential and fondest memories were made by my exchange in France, and they will always be in my heart! -Velvet, returned WEP exchange student. If you would like more information on WEP's programs, request a student exchange info pack and/or RSVP to an info session! You can also request to speak to Velvet, or another returned student!