WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy




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Bridie in Italy

Hi WEP! It's three weeks today that I've been in this beautiful country, experiencing something new everyday. I think the main thing that's shocked me is how much my Italian has improved in such a short period of time but also how obvious it has become that I have so much further to go! These past few weeks have been intense, from walking through the beautiful streets of Rome to being thrown into life here in Malnate, north of Milano. My host family have been wonderful, giving me nothing but care and assistance whenever they can. I can already feel myself building a life here! Full of family, friends, activities, education and travel, the things I had back home but in such a different more exciting way! It has definitely been difficult at times, accepting the sudden reality of my new life, but it's been really thrilling too! I'm off to Milan this weekend with other exchange students, and I'm hoping to go on short trips to many other beautiful cities which I'm so lucky to have so close by. School is really interesting because it's so different from back home and the people are all really friendly and helpful, I was firstly so surprised by the amount of people! I'm at a science school so a lot of the time it's difficult to understand, but the teachers have been really helpful in arranging a special timetable for me. I feel really cared for and I'm excited to see what the future holds for me here and how my perspective on the world is going to change because of it. It’s like exchange is the difference between living in a fishbowl and swimming in the ocean, I have the comfort of life back home and experience of the wider world. I honestly just feel extremely grateful for all of this. Click here for more information and to apply for your own Italian adventure.  

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Good news for all you hamburger eaters, baseball watchers and all round fans of the USA! We've extended our application deadline for programs departing in January 2017! But be quick! To get your application to us by October 4, you'll need to start your application now! Here's a peek into the life of a WEP exchange student in the USA! Tiarna touched down a couple of weeks ago and in that time she's participated in WEP's NYC mini-tour, been to a rodeo and settled into her Oregon home. "I am having the time of my life over here! My host family are so much fun and I feel very welcomed. The New York trip was amazing and it was really great getting to know the other students. School has been fun and I have made a couple of friends through volleyball! The biggest difference I have found over here is how they say things like 'soda' instead of 'soft drink', 'restroom' instead of 'bathroom' and 'flip flops' instead of 'thongs'. I have also noticed how cheap food and drink is and the different portion sizes! I have been traveling quite a bit for volleyball games and rodeos so I have had quite a lot of take away and fast food which is making me miss fresh vegetables a bit but the school lunches are really good because they have a salad bar and if we are home my host mum makes really good dinners! Homecoming is coming up in a couple of weeks so I'm going shopping tomorrow for a dress and shoes. I'm very excited about it! My host dad has a really cool show car he said he can drop my sister and I off in which will be awesome. The weather has been really good, it has only rained once, which somehow managed to be on the day of school photos so my sister and I had to find jackets to wear so our hair wouldn't get wet and our makeup ruined. The teachers here are really nice and understanding when I don't understand something which is great and the students have been really welcoming and because I am on the volleyball team they have decorated my locker which I think is so sweet and on game days they always stick candy or chocolate on it! Next weekend my coordinater is taking the exchange students from the school on a camp up in the mountains at a hot springs which I'm looking forward to and I get to go to California soon to meet some more of my host family's family. I'm really loving it here and I can't wait to see what the next few months have to bring!"