WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy





International travel is slowly reopening and you can now travel with WEP to New Zealand as early as in mid 2021 (if you submit you application fast enough!😀).
You will attend the state of the art Avondale College in Auckland and get the benefit of a 'city program’ with some unspoilt nature at your doorstep…
You will have the opportunity to choose adventure focused outdoor school subjects and participate in trips that will enable you to go skiing, mountain biking and white water rafting (activities depend on the season).


$7,450   - for one term beginning in July 21
$11,650 - for a whole semester beginning in July 21

HURRY! Applications close on the 8th of June

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Happy New Year from the WEP Australia team! We hope your 2021 will be packed with new experiences and memories (and we especially hope these will be made during a WEP exchange program!). Applications are open for August and November 2021 student exchange programs and January 2022 student exchange programs. Use the school holidays to get yours started using the form below. If you've got questions about how COVID-19 may impact your program, click here to read our FAQ and let us know if you have any questions on 1300 884 733. Happy New Year! [gravityform id="17" title="true" description="true"]

WEP Australia is super excited to be able to bring you our annual Christmas video. This year we’ve looked back at WEP students through the generations. 2021 marks our 20th year facilitating student exchange programs! The WEP team can’t wait for 2021. We’re looking forward to sending the next generation of WEP exchange students abroad! Now’s a great time to get your exchange application started, here! Stay safe, enjoy the holidays and bring on 2021! [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syMDEtKgIHs[/embedyt]

This little pocket of the world is home to some of WEP’s favourite student exchange destinations, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Denmark! The region is famous for its high standard of living (+ amazing views, snowy mountains, fjords). Applications are now open for mid to late-2021 departures! Did you know that Norwegians celebrate the end of the week with Taco Friday or tacofredag? This alone is a pretty fantastic reason to choose Norway for your WEP student exchange, but there are plenty more!


Finland is the #1 happiest country in the world! They can also boast the Northern Lights, more saunas than cars and Santa Claus! We reckon it’s a pretty amazing place to spend your exchange!


They invented Skype, they have the highest number of meteorite craters, over 2222 islands and a huge concentration of super models! Have you met one of WEP’s newest destinations, Estonia?

Physical distancing doesn’t need to mean social isolation! With WEP’s Social Action Scholarship, we’re asking what you do to improve your community. Show us how you volunteer,  advocate, educate, donate, participate or organise. Apply for this scholarship and you could win $1,500 towards your semester or year WEP student exchange program. With two scholarships available, you’ve got double the chances of a win! WEP’s Social Action Scholarship is applicable to semester and year student exchange and WEP+ programs departing between January and March 2021 to the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, South Korea and the USA. Click here for more information and to apply.