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School Language Assistants Program

School Language Assistants Program (SLAP)

The School Language Assistants Program (SLAP) is an approved program under the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) that seeks to provide Australian schools with the opportunity of gaining a linguistic and cultural resource person from overseas for up to 12 months. Australian schools invite young people, who intend to pursue a career in teaching, to assist qualified Australian teachers in contemporary linguistic and cultural classroom activities and instruction. This valuable cultural exchange opportunity is offered to host schools for only a limited financial commitment and responsibility.

WEP Australia’s Role

World Education Program (WEP Australia) Limited is ideally placed to assist primary and secondary schools with the provision of a School Language Assistant for periods of three months up to one year.

WEP is an approved Temporary Activities Sponsor and will take on the assistant’s sponsorship where required. Furthermore, WEP’s international connections are critical to the recruitment, screening and approval of qualified assistants.

The School’s Role

  • Engage the assistant in a stimulating and supportive full-time working environment.
  • Arrange a reasonable standard of accommodation for full program duration (including school holidays). The assistant can be housed in homestay, private accommodation or boarding house.
  • Provide meals for full program duration (including school holidays). This may take the form of a stipend to cover food costs.
  • Provide daily transportation to and from school (if walking is not an option). This may take the form of a stipend to cover public transport.


Student/Teacher Support! The School Language Assistant will:

  • work with individual or small groups of students undertaking language learning activities.
  • provide feedback to students on correct language usage.
  • model correct language usage (e.g. pronunciation and idiom).IMG_0342
  • assist a team-teaching approach within structured class activities.
  • deliver in-class cultural activities.
  • contribute to professional development sessions for language teachers.
  • participate in activities that promote the target language (e.g. school open nights, language days).
  • provide native-speaker expertise to teachers on use of the language.
  • provide advice to teachers on current cultural conventions (e.g. pop culture).

Curriculum Support! The School Language Assistant will also:

  • contribute to curriculum planning.
  • coordinate class activities.
  • contribute to the development and maintenance of digital language resources (e.g. class wiki).
  • conduct background research for the preparation of language teaching and learning materials.
  • contribute to the development of language teaching and learning materials that require expert knowledge of the target language (e.g. multimedia recording of native-speaker voice).

Who are they?

WEP recruits suitable candidates that fulfill these criteria:

  • Be between the ages of 20 and 30 (inclusive).
  • Be native speakers of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese or Mandarin.
  • Intend to pursue a career in education in their home country.
  • Be a current university student or recent graduate.
  • Have less than 12 months teaching experience and are seeking to assist an Australian school’s language program and contribute to the school community’s cultural and linguistic awareness.
  • Possess intermediate English language skills (as a guide a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 with no band score below 5.5) and are able to communicate adequately in the classroom and workplace environments.
  • Have positive personal and professional references.
  • Provide clear criminal history checks from their home countries and obtain relevant Working with Children Checks before participating in the program.
  • Demonstrate they enjoy a reasonable level of mental and physical health.
  • Have access to adequate means of financial support for the duration of their program.
  • Show confidence and initiative to succeed especially in variable environments.
  • Show flexibility and openness of approach to success in foreign environments.


Click here for our program brochure.
Click here for the SLAP newsletter.


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