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WEP Programs and COVID-19

A message from Muriel Scheid, CEO of WEP Australia


Dear students, parents, host parents, school principals, teachers and local coordinators

With the latest announcements made by government representatives, both at the federal and state levels, the light at the end of the tunnel has been getting brighter for international travelling and we have strong hope that we will be able to send our Australian students overseas within the second semester of 2022.

Applications for WEP Outbound programs starting from August 2022 onwards are open.

A decision on welcoming overseas exchange students within the second semester of 2022 will be made once more information on travel restrictions and quarantine requirements are made available by the Australian Authorities.

We greatly appreciate the trust and support you have shown to our organisation since the start of the global pandemic.

We look forward to fully resuming our programs and bringing wonderful opportunities for cultural exchange back to the Australian and international youth and community.

Yours sincerely,

Muriel Scheid


More Information


Can I apply for a WEP student exchange?

Yes, we are accepting applications and preparing for  departures from August 2022! We are currently awaiting announcements from our State Regulators but remain optimistic that student exchange programs will resume in the second half of 2022. It takes several months to organise and prepare for an exchange program, so it is important that we start the process early.

Will I lose money if I apply and my WEP student exchange can’t go ahead?

If programs cannot go ahead due to restrictions enforced by the Australian Government and/or our State Regulators, students will be able to choose another program (pending application deadlines), postpone their program to a later departure date or receive a full refund.
As per WEP's Fees, Cancellations and Refunds terms (available here), if WEP Australia cancels your exchange program, you can choose between an alternative program or a refund of the fees.

What if I decide to cancel my WEP student exchange application?

If you choose to withdraw your application, it will be as per the standard Fees, Cancellations and Refunds terms (available here) apply.

What if I get COVID-19 while I’m overseas?

Medical costs associated with COVID-19 will be covered by your insurance, included in the WEP program fee.