WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy


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When Can I Go?

Choose the program that is right for you!

This may be one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make! Or do you already know where you want to go? To help you make the right choice, visit our country pages to learn more about our destinations, speak to an experienced staff member or request a referral from a returned WEP student.

Short-term program (2 – 3 months)*

WEP’s short-term programs are a great way to boost your language skills over the summer holiday period, make friends overseas and experience life as a member of an overseas family. You’ll attend school like a local, live like a local and witness a different culture first hand. Students depart from Australia in either November or December and return in late January, in time to commence the next school year.

Long-term programs:

Semester = four to six months
Academic Year = nine to ten months
Year – eleven to twelve months

Our long-term programs allow you to completely immerse yourself in a new culture and allow you to experience life as an overseas teenager for up to a year! Whether you choose a semester or a year, you will develop stronger ties with your host community, gain an even deeper understanding of that culture and learn to see the world from a new perspective. Students, who choose non-English speaking countries, often return with outstanding conversational skills in a second language. Departures for semester and year programs are twice a year, from January to May and July to September, depending on the country of choice (see table for more info).

Contact us with any questions you may have and to receive a student information pack in the mail. You can also download our program material and get started now!

*Depending on program duration, some short-term programs are classified as cultural experiences.

Student Exchange Timetable

Country Short Term Term Two Terms Semester Year Academic Year
Argentina July, February July, February July February
Austria August, February August
Belgium November, August, January August, January January August
Belgium and Italy January August
Brazil July, January July January
Canada November, February August, January August
Chile July, February July, February July February
China August, February, November August, February August, February August
Denmark August January August
Ecuador August, January August, January August
Finland August, January January August
France November, August, December, January August, January August, January January August
Germany November August, February February August
Hungary August, January August
Ireland November August August August, January August
Italy November, August, January August, January January August
Mexico August, January January August
Norway August, November, January August, January January August
Poland August, February August
Spain September, November, February September, February February September
Sweden August, January January August
Switzerland August, January August
Thailand November, May November May
The Netherlands August, November, December, January August, January January August
UK September September, January September
USA August, January January August