WEPisode #6: Molly In Italy





Scholarships and Specials

Throughout the year, WEP offers program discounts including regular scholarships and our famous Bestie Discount. Scroll down to find out what you’re eligible for!

Student Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

Bestie Discount

Do you have a student exchange obsessed best friend? When you both apply for a WEP student exchange, you’ll each save $500 on your program fee for a Year or Semester program or $250 on your program fee for a Short Term program!

This discount is available for all of WEP’s wonderful countries; excluding Study Abroad programs (UK).

Remember, student exchange is an individual experience and besties who apply together won’t be living or attending the same school together, in fact, you don’t even need to apply for the same country! Here’s how to score this discount:

  1. Find a student exchange obsessed best friend.
  2. Do your research, i.e. request an info pack, speak to your parents, decide on a country!
  3. Both students must start their application and email info@wep.org.au indicating the full name of their friend.

*The fine print:
Each student’s full application must be received by the published deadlines.
Discount will only be applied if both students are accepted into the program.
Discount will only be applied if both students participate in the program; cancellation of one applicant will void the discount for the participating student.
Discount not available on any Study Abroad program where families or schools receive stipend


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