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Why host a WEP exchange student?

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Considering becoming a host family in 2019? Great!

Each February and July WEP welcomes students from all over the world to Australia. Welcoming a WEP student into your life is a hugely enriching experience and you’ll find you’ve made a friend for life!

Here are our top three reasons why you should host an exchange student:

  1. Travel from the comfort of your own home. Exchange students are eager to share their culture with you and learn all they can about Australia. Imagine trying Italian-made tiramisu or teaching your new family member how to do a Tim Tam slam!
  2. Create a life-long connection. You’ll share memories and moments with your student and together you’ll forge a connection that you’ll never forget.
  3. You’ll be our hero! You’re doing an incredible thing by inviting someone into your heart and home. WEP exchange students and their host families form part of a large network, that through the sharing of experiences, languages and cultures creates a global community.

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