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South Korea

Hwan-yeong! Welcome to South Korea

K-Dramas are great, but nothing beats the real thing, immerse yourself in the beauty of South Korea with its elegant beaches, cities and temples! South Korea has a whopping 12 incredible World Heritage sites including the extraordinary Hwaseong Fortress – built over 200 years ago! Be welcomed by a generous South Korean family and experience firsthand every aspect of South Korean culture – did you know bowing is the traditional greeting method in South Korea?

You’ll experience the life of a South Korean high schooler. Here schools have super high-speed internet, in fact South Korea has the highest number of broadband internet users in the world with the world’s fastest wireless internet speed! For those who like to try out the newest and most exciting technology, you’ll find it in South Korea.

Do you like sport? South Korea offers everything! from standard sports like baseball, basketball, soccer and golf to traditional sports including Taekwondo and break dancing! Fun fact – South Korea is the break dancing capital of the world. And hey, don’t forget about Kpop!

Wow! What a country! “So, how do I get there!” you ask? Fill out the form below and we can send you a full pack with everything you need to know to get started.

곧 뵙겠습니다 (“god boebgessseubnida”). See you soon!

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