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Study Abroad In Ireland : The Home Of The Four-Leaf Clover…

Are you interested in learning about a culture that inspired tales of leprechauns with pots of gold under rainbows and lucky four-leaf clovers?  If it’s luck you’re looking for, then Ireland is definitely the country for you! In just a matter of months you could be living the life of an Irish teenager as you study in Ireland on your WEP study abroad program!

Ireland has always had a strong connection with Australia. In fact, large numbers of convicts that arrived here around the time of European settlement were Irish! Things have changed a bit since then, however, the Irish have had to fight hard for their typically green, hilly homeland, making it a source of great pride for all Irish men and women.

Nowadays, Ireland is heavily involved in the development of the European Union and the Irish are known for their hospitality and openness, making it an ideal location for your exchange. Personal relations in Ireland are pretty informal, a lot like here in Australia, as apposed to other northern European countries.  Foreigners should be prepared to be the object of curiosity, especially in rural country areas!

The Irish tend to be quite laid back when it comes to time.  If you were to ask when the busses cam in a rural district in Ireland, you shouldn’t be too surprised to receive the answer “oh every so often with a few gaps in between”.  It is this laid back nature that helps make Ireland an attractive location for Australian students to study in.

So, can you imagine yourself living the life of an Irish teenager? Are you interested in learning about the magical Irish fables and stories? Or perhaps an Irish jig? This could all be a possibility when you board your plane ready to study abroad in Ireland on your very own WEP program! Keep reading below for more information.

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2020 Year $ 17,950 7 April 2020
August 2020 Term $ 12,550 7 April 2020
August 2020 Semester $ 14,250 7 April 2020
August 2020 Two Terms $ 16,850 7 April 2020
January 2021 Semester $ 14,250 22 September 2020

The above program fees are valid until 31/12/2019. Application deadlines are subject to change.

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