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Tere tulemast – Welcome to Estonia!

When visitors first arrive in Estonia a common thought is, “Have I arrived in a fairy tale?”.

Estonia is a magical little country filled with enchanting forests, Viking relics and friendly locals! It’s cheap and safe too, making it a fantastic host country for your exchange adventure!

Estonians speak Estonian as well as English, Russian, Finnish and German. Most Estonians are bilingual, in fact, they reckon they are among the best English speakers in Europe and who are we to argue? Estonian sounds just like elvish, right out of Lord of the Rings, lending to the illusion that this little country is populated by fairy tale characters!

Estonia is a highly connected e-society, with electronic ID-cards, e-government, e-health, e-school, e-parking and free wireless Wi-Fi almost everywhere. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to learn that Skype was also created and developed in Estonia!

The traditional cuisine is mouthwatering with breakfasts of cheese on dark rye bread and school students are prepared a delicious hot lunch at school. Dinner generally consists of tasty soups followed by meat and potatoes in rich sauces. Kohuke is a very popular snack of sweet curd covered in chocolate or caramel. Yum!

If you want to experience a dynamic part of Europe, with a mix of cultures and a fusion of traditional and modern, Estonia is the place for you!

Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
August 2022 Short Term $ 8,650 TBA
August 2022 Semester $ 9,850 TBA
August 2022 Year $ 10,850 TBA
October 2022 Short Term $ 8,650 TBA
January 2023 Short Term $ 8,650 TBA
January 2023 Semester $ 9,850 TBA

At this point in time the above program fees are indicative only. Confirmed program fees and application deadlines will be published in due course.

Included Extras

For January programs, an overnight orientation. For August programs, a two-night orientation. Online Estonian language lessons.

Optional Extras

One trip per semester to a neighbouring country.

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