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Brazil, the land that has it all…

For some, Brazil seems like the land that has it all – a stunning coastline which rivals Australia’s best, the almighty Amazon, an incredibly vibrant culture derived from African and Portuguese roots, a national craze (and natural talent!) for never-ending dancing, PLUS one of the world’s most competitive futebol (soccer) teams. Brazil offers something for everyone – sport, culture, natural beauty and a nation of people who face life with persistent joy and intensity.

Choose to study in Brazil and you will discover that Brazilians are open, talkative, friendly, easy-going and family orientated people. While they work very hard, they also look forward to national holidays such as Carnival and New Year celebrations when they can let their hair down, and let their hips succumb to the beat of the samba drums!

In Brazil there is a significant divide between the wealthy and the poor. Exchange students who study in Brazil often find themselves living in or close to one of the major metropolises, where personal safety and the quality of schools are top priorities.

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Upcoming Exchanges

Departure Duration Fee Application Deadline
January 2024 Semester $ 9,450 22 August 2023
January 2024 Academic Year $ 10,250 22 August 2023
July 2024 Semester $ 9,450 12 March 2024
July 2024 Academic Year $ 10,250 12 March 2024

Program fees are valid until 31/05/2023. A flight surcharge may be applied if at the time of making flight bookings airlines are charging significantly higher airfares.

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