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A note to parents

Dear parents

In participating in a WEP student exchange or study abroad program, your child is joining the ranks of thousands of others whose experiences abroad have helped open the door to successful futures in a variety of industries and sectors. Day-after-day, we hear stories from our wonderful network of returned WEP exchange students who have gone on to succeed, to innovate and to lead.

“My WEP exchange gave me a confidence I would never have believed achievable. I have a new, diverse view of the world.” Greta spent a semester in Belgium. She studied Law and Global Studies and now works for the Australian Red Cross.

Student exchange not only provides teenagers with considerable language skills (in non-English speaking countries) but also ‘soft skills’ like social maturity, intercultural communication and self awareness. In turn, through the international connections they create, exchange students contribute to peace and understanding between people of different backgrounds.

Despite the many and varied positive outcomes of WEP programs, sending your most prized possession, your child, overseas is no small thing. We understand how nervous you must feel! In fact, many of the WEP team have been where you are and have felt what you are feeling. We have sent our own children on exchange, lived or studied overseas ourselves or hosted exchange students here, in Australia. Together, we bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to the program of each and every child that we send abroad.

During your child’s program, they will have access to a broad support network, but we are also here to support you through the process.

The student exchange industry has certainly faced challenges since its inception over a century ago. Student exchange has overcome many global events, not least world wars, natural disasters and several global pandemics (Spanish Influenza, 1918-1920; H1N1, 2009-2010 and now COVID-19, 2020). However, student exchange and WEP Australia more specifically, has continued towards our shared goal of enabling young people to make global friendships, enhance their language abilities and ultimately advance harmony across communities.

We are proud of our industry, of its aims and outcomes and we are passionate about enabling all students to create a successful future through WEP programs.

Muriel Scheid