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Apply ASAP for the USA!

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Applications deadlines for January WEP student exchanges to the USA close on September 25. Don’t delay, places are limited, start your application ASAP. Choose between a semester or year program and make 2019 a year filled with adventure and memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are our top reasons why you should choose the USA for your WEP exchange:

1. The People

It’s true, everyday Americans have got to be amongst the most welcoming people on earth. Get ready to be embraced as the new Aussie celebrity in town!

2. The Food

America gets a bad wrap with all those fast food chains. But remember, Americans pioneered salad as a meal and perfected ‘soul food’!

3. The Traditions

From school traditions like prom and homecoming to national holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, America throws a good celebration!

4. Its Diversity

America is massively multicultural and you’re bound to learn about cultures and histories you never thought you would!

5. The Scenery

City skylines, a massive coastline, small towns, farmland, this gigantic nation offers every photo opp you could ever want!

Remember, your FULL application needs to be submitted by the September 25 deadline, so get started ASAP.

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